SADD Calendar 

The SADD Calendar includes activities and events that SADD chapters all over the country can work on together. Many of the events link SADD to larger national movements. 











Source: SADD

Ideas from Pennsylvania SADD chapter


SADD Membership Month
Chain of Life Drive

Balloons throughout School
Birthday messages - When someone turns 16 in school - give birthday card and SafetyBug key chain 

Welcome Back Students Mural - Welcome 9th Graders.

Daily Announcements to reflect some type of statistic regarding alcohol, drugs, and behaviors.

Attend School Board meeting and make them aware of future efforts and get their support.

Have an area in your school paper for your information and activities. 


Red Ribbon Month/Week
Binge Drinking/Alcohol Poisoning Awareness

Proclamation for Red Ribbon Week with County Commissioners.

Crazy Socks Day- Sock it to Drugs.

Crazy Shoes Day- I choose to walk all over drugs.

Seniors and Seniors Day - Seniors go to Senior Citizens Center and have a BYOB Party with *Senior Citizens- “ Bring Your Own Banana ” Split Party.

For Homecoming - Ask local retailers for a discount for those that pledge to be substance free.

Halloween Parade Float.

Sponsor a parent information night and have giveaways for parents- ask local retailers for donations. 

Wellness Fair.


National Smoke Out - Third Thurs. in November
Wipe Out Smoking Month
Stop Violence Month

Make ribbons for the School Administrators, Teachers, Students that are choosing to quit so that it can be an incentive for them to continue to be Tobacco Free.

Thanksgiving Parade Float.

Get with local radio station to promote safe driving over the Thanksgiving Holiday.


3D Month - National Drunk and Drugged Prevention Month

Holiday Chain - around the whole school.

Tree of Life - lights and red ribbons for those in your county that have been killed by a drunk driver since a designated time. Tree can be placed outside of Courthouse with permission of County Commissioners and have a media kick-off.

Proclamation for 3D Month with the County Commissioners.

Lights on for Life - - drivers will drive during the day with their headlights on to acknowledge those that have been killed by drunk driving.

Candle light vigil.

Mock-tail contest - non-alcoholic drinks - offer to serve the top 2 during a lunch period and give prizes.

MADD red ribbons on antennas of staff and student cars at the school.

Christmas Parade.

New Years Eve "First Night" celebration.

Project Sticker Shock.


Stop Aggressive Driving Campaign
AIDS/HIV Awareness Month
Elementary School Campaign   

Contact local comprehensive highway safety coordinator about events that can be done collaboratively to address aggressive driving.

Road advisory and helpful hints article placed in your local newspaper.

High school students participate in the elementary school activities.

High school chapters sponsor a bowling/skating outing for elementary and middle school students.

Contact your local Coast Guard and do a campaign about drinking and boating - use fatal vision goggles in a controlled obstacle.


Friends for Life Campaign
Buckle Up Drive
Dating Awareness Initiative

Posters in school about dating awareness and contact names for human services.

Seat belt survey.

Assist in a child passenger car seat safety check. Call your local comprehensive highway safety personnel or SAFE Kids.

Install Buckle Up signs at school parking lot exit.

School assembly - Some speakers can be found in the Speakers section of this web site.

School assembly - Multi-Media.


Middle School Month
National Grim Reaper Day - 2nd Friday in March
Suicide Awareness Month

Angel Day - Someone represented every thirty minutes - given a white carnation and can not speak once "dead".


SADD Awareness Month
Alcohol Awareness Month
Safe Prom Awareness

PSA's or talk show guest for your local radio stations.

Safety Bug Program - Safety Bug is available September - December and March - June.

Every Thirty Minutes program.

Awareness campaign with your local emergency personnel

Project Sticker Shock.


Safe Prom & Graduation Campaign
Prom Pledge
Commencement Commitment

Have elementary and middle school students write letters to those attending prom and graduation wishing them a great time at their event but reminding them that the youth are looking to these individuals as positive role models.

Write a letter to the newspaper editor about the need for healthy decision making during this month.

SADD Day - health fair and carnival with fun activities such as pie eating contests, dunk tanks, snow cones, mocktails, and other fun stuff to do.

Seat belt survey.

Quick Click competition.


Graduation Campaign

Newspaper ad wishing the graduates success and reminding them of the need for healthy decisions to continue in college or in future endeavors.

Reminders under graduation caps about the accomplishment they have made and not to participate in underage drinking parties nor drive with someone under the influence.


Safe Summer Campaign

Work with your community.

Plan a pool party.

Community picnic.

PSA's on local radio stations.

Plan a fun Walk/Run.

Music at a local park.

Baseball game with local law enforcement, justices, radio personalities and Community members.

Ice cream social in your community.

Assist in a child passenger car seat safety check. Call your local comprehensive highway safety personnel.

Project Sticker Shock.

Events held around 4th of July.

Safe Night.

Source: Pennsylvania Students Against Destructive Decisions

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